give me the aerial photography

This was pictures of landscapes and my truck, or just pictures of other trucks and other landscapes. I post a lot of images of maps some of which are original and some from other blogs. @MapHawk

IMG_5579 on demo

IMG_5579 on Flickr.

church demo

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I’m listening to Madvillain as I post this.  I remember why I stopped listening to hip hop around the time this album dropped.  You can’t get it much better than this.

"Today is the shadow of tomorrow.  Today is the present future of yesterday.  Yesterday is the shadow of today.  The darkness of the past is yesterday.  The light of the past is yesterday.  The days of the past are all numbered and summed.  And once upon a time there was a yesterday … at least by tomorrow there will be, anyway." - Madlib (Madvillain - from the track "Shadows of Tomorrow.")

IMG_0117 on Flickr.hail mary pabst

IMG_0117 on Flickr.

hail mary pabst