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This was pictures of landscapes and my truck, or just pictures of other trucks and other landscapes. I post a lot of images of maps some of which are original and some from other blogs. @MapHawk

North Brooklyn Boat Club

Last weekend I caught up with an old friend while visiting the North Brooklyn Boat Club. 



A shout out to the sponsors of the North Brooklyn Boat Club.




Newtown Creek is one of the physical boundaries between north Brooklyn and Queens.

The club does a Sunday paddle that is open to the public, and sometimes involves workshops on water quality and testing.



Before the official Sunday club event, we grabbed two canoes and went out in a small group.







The highlight of the trip was getting to see two oysters chilling on a rock, filtering nutrients and heavy metals out of the water and trying to hang on.

oysters circled


newtown creek panoramic 1

newtown creek panoramic 2

Rebecca Loeb, Nathan “Ducky” Joseph and the beloved (by me!) Fern Greenleaf did the kind of epic, deeply honest and deeply ethical thing we all need to do.  We will not transition to a better energy economy without sacrifices like the ones that these three young folks made today.  We will not build a better world without putting it all on the line.  ”If not now, then when?  If not me, then who?”

More information and quotes from the arrestees at the RAMPS Campaign website (click on this text).

On the lake

Jared took some awesome photos.  I am honored to get to put them on a map.
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Drunk people put it there by Kate Raynes-Goldie on Flickr.going fish tonight

Drunk people put it there by Kate Raynes-Goldie on Flickr.

going fish tonight